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Tony Yaacoub Haute Couture Fall 2013


Tony Yaacoub Haute Couture Fall 2013

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25 panic! at the disco starters;
"You're worse than nicotine."
"Who could love me? I am out of my mind."
"Am I who you think about in bed?"
"You're not the ordinary type."
"You'll dance to anything."
"I wouldn't be caught dead in this place."
"I may have faked it."
"Get me out of my mind."
"I'm exactly where you'd like me, you know."
"I'm of consenting age"
"Haven't you ever heard of closing the goddamn door?"
"Give me more but it's not enough."
"Would you change it if you could?"
"Let me save you."
"I've got just one regret and that one regret is you."
"You are taking me apart."
"If you love me let me go."
"Many things will change but the way I feel will remain the same."
"I am always yours."
"Where will you be waking up tomorrow morning?"
"If you change your mind you know where I am."
"You were all I've ever known."
"You could never love me back."
"I'm losing to you, baby, I'm no match."
"I want you to catch me like a cold."
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rp partner: i suppose our muses could be happy for once
me: or
me: OR
me: we kill them
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Georgia May Jagger at home


Georgia May Jagger at home

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playlist: darkira ;)

a dark x akira playlist

first meeting: down river // the temper trap
becoming lovers: spanish sahara // foals
breakup: what if the storm ends // snow patrol
working it out: stolen // dashboard confessional
happily ever after: home // edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

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"fuck me gently with a chainsaw." (Zaaron)

"Sounds like that would be terribly uncomfortable…”

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playlist - zaaron

a aaron x zoe playlist

first meeting: pompeii // bastille
becoming lovers: go // delilah
breakup: missing // the xx
working it out: stubborn love // the lumineers
happily ever after: home // phillip phillips

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Savesse ( playlist)

a savannah x jesse playlist

first meeting: can you feel the love // elton john
becoming lovers: do i wanna know // arctic monkeys
breakup: wrecking ball // miley cyrus
working it out: never let me go // florence + the machine
happily ever after: moth wings // passion pit

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