There’s only one way this night can end. […] Thea, I love you. Close your eyes, baby.

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I have fallen deeply, madly
out of love with you, and still,
all my poems come out
sounding like your name.

I suppose they have not
yet gotten over you.

I suppose the words within
me cannot let you go for
fear of falling into themselves
without you.

I forgot those fears
long ago.

- my poems still love you, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)
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If you are made of
starlight and I am
made of sunshine,

we will never touch
one another, only
admire the other

from a whole
world, a whole
daylight away.

I think this distance
lets me love you

- distance is only a word and we are too magnificent to reach, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)
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"He is all whiskey and hands
and that’s why I’m always
drunk and bruised."
- anne (via anneisrestless)
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maggie + baking

Every year, since she first learned how to bake, Maggie’s father requested a batch of devil’s food cupcakes, completely slathered in rich fudge icing. And as expected, she obliged. She made the batch of cupcakes, picked the biggest of the group, and lit a candle to stuff into the middle. Then, she presented it to her father with a frail smile, learning to not protest when he pulled her onto his lap and made her sing happy birthday into his ear.

Even after being away from home for three years, Maggie still wakes up on the date of her father’s birthday and quickly begins the process of making devil’s food cupcakes. However, she catches herself in the middle of the act, quickly stepping back and trashing the kitchen with uncooked cake batter and the such.

And holding back tears, she immediately went to clean it up.

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will + family

William has never felt as much joy as he felt when he first laid eyes on Isabel. That’s not to say he wasn’t happy when Charles was born, because he was, but nothing took his breath away quite like seeing his baby girl for the first time. It’s overwhelming but it’s beautiful because she was created from him and Elizabeth and she was created from love. So, when he’s allowed to scoop her in his arms and carefully rock her across the room, he does so for hours on end. Even when it gets a tad bit suspicious that an “uncle” would want to spend so much time with his new “niece”. But he doesn’t care.

He soaks in every moment with a smile.

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Aaron + reputation

Reputation used to be the most important thing to Aaron. He lived and breathed to know what everyone around St. Vladimir’s and the royal court has to say about him. It’s one of the reasons why he was initially so hesitant to confirm a relationship between him and Zoe, due to her own talked about reputation. However, maturing a bit more and falling in love has opened his mind more than he could ever imagine. Now, Aaron could care less about a reputation. Everything he does is for himself and the small group of people he cares about.

The rest could go fuck themselves.

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